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Le 26 Avril 2014 au FIL SMAC

Lieu :

Le Fil, 20 boulevard Thiers 42000 Saint-Etienne

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COMING SOON (Spin Twist) Tel Aviv (IS)

SYMPHONIX ( Blue Tune) Scherwin (DE)

PHAXE (Iboga) Copenhagen (DK)

POLARIS (Solar Tech) Paris FR

ODDWAVE (Hadra,Transubtil) Marseille FR

Stade design, Motion design & VJ Set


(1605,Italo Business) Fr

(Get Physical, Neverending, Umf) FR

(Heretik System, junky Robot, Auditive texture) FR

(Afterdark, Futura, 1001 Bass) FR


+ vidéo Guest


Le FIl
20 boulevard Thiers
42000 Saint-Etienne
Paf : 22€/20€/18€ & Filgood 16€ (places limités)
Capacité : 1200 places
Horaires : 23h00 à 6h00
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A brand new progressive trance project That already marked is name in the scene. With a debut EP released in mid April on SPIN TWIST RECORDS (most recognized label of psytrance), And planned releases for 2012 such as: massive remix to "CAPTAIN HOOK Vs FREEDOM FIGHTERS - MARSHMALLOWS". Another remix to "FREEDOM FIGHTERS - LITTLE PHATTY", And a brand new track that will be release soon on "CAPTAIN HOOK" V/A ON IBOGA RECORDS -"LIMITLESS". The names behind this project are: Dui Biton & Irad Brant, 29 & 26 years old, from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Irad & Dui already played on the biggest electronic stages in the world each with his own solo project. after years of playing and working together they decides to collaborate and started a serious project together.Both have reputation and experience no need mentioning . In short... "COMING SOON" are ready to smash some dance floors!!!! "COMING SOON" is all about progressive trance , deep basslines , knocking kicks , and a massive drive!!! , 2012 will be "COMING SOON" year!!!


Dreamy melodies and spaced-out sound effects bedded on bouncing bass lines, everything connected in a crystal clear arrangement: Welcome to the world of Symphonix! Music that still deserves to be called true Progressive Trance, featuring sea-deep atmospheres and heaps of psychedelic stimulants but still being tidied up, laid back in terms of speed and kind of
“grown up” in its character. Grown up not without reason: The sound of Symphonix refers to the producer’s large background in the Progressive Trance scene which reaches back to the
origin of this style in the late nineties. Starting with DJing under the moniker Montagu & Golkonda
and promoting their first Tshitraka parties back then, brothers Stephan und Sirko Wötanowski
rapidly became an essential ingredient of the young and blooming Progressive Trance scene.

Inspired by their numerous travels to the coloured dance floors of this planet they soon felt the wish to express their deep passion for this music and its wonderful scene and people also in the language of their own music. After making various nights of it in the studio and some adventurous experiments in the sound laboratory in 2003 the first solid track with a forcing bass line, exciting rhythm patterns and playful melodies grooved from the speakers: Symphonix was born! Due to the mentioned long-year experience already the first tracks distinguished them selves by a very high sophistication and professionalism and so it’s not really a wonder that this live act got rapidly established as a reliable source for dance floor euphoria and was invited to many parties and gathering around the globe. While nowadays most of the classical Progressive Trance producers flirt with the ideas of modern club music, Symphonix keep these experiments for their other project True Lies and stay true to the original idea of this style. So their sound will send you to the deep spheres
of Trance and take you to these certain parallel dimensions that can be especially experienced on the dance floor of a terrific festival while the sun is rising or during a warm, shiny day with your friends at some outdoor event. Though very deep and mystic, their sound always keeps a positive feeling that will produce a smile on your face by magic. Symphonix will keep up the banner of Progressive Trance and remain a tried and tested name for lovers of this style!


Kevin aka Phaxe has gone from a no-name to an international player of the Progressive Trance elite within no time. Dropping his artist name Phaxe in 2007 provokes few, if any, reactions. Only 4 years later he has become a synonym for upper-league party music. Highly acclaimed live sets all around the world, applauded releases, and remixes for some of the scene’s biggest names tell an impressing success story. A story that makes the man from Copenhagen repeatedly being described as a “Progressive Prodigy”

ODDWAVE fait ses premiers pas dans la musique dès l'âge de 12 ans en tant que guitariste dans divers groupes ( funk/ jazz fusion/ métal / hip hop) et se passionne très vite pour la production. Il monte un studio d'enregistrement et produit plusieurs albums pour ses differents projets pendant plus de 5 ans.
A l'âge de 18 ans, il découvre plus sérieusement la musique électronique et plus particulièrement la trance. Apres une grosse période de composition, il signe son premier EP de 6 titres SIGNAL TO NOISE chez Spliff Music (PLUSQUAM RECORDS) .
Il rentre par la suite en tant qu'artiste et technicien du son dans les associations SOUNDZ PAINTERZ puis TRANSUBTIL. Au fil des années suivantes il se fait connaitre de beaucoup de programmateurs de soirées et festivals qui lui permettront de jouer auprès de grands noms comme NEELIX, ACE VENTURA, CAPTAIN HOOK, SYMPHONIX, TALAMASCA, MORTEN GRANAU et d'acquérir une notoriété auprès des passionnés de musique électronique.
A la suite de cela, des artistes comme Dj KOKMOK et Dj TILT lui demandent de produire des morceaux pour leurs compilations respectives «Obsessiv Progressiv 2» et «Progressive Equation».
Aujourd'hui il intègre le label HADRA Records qui lui offre la chance de sortir son premier album "X2" disponible à partir du 13 décembre 2013. Passionné et amoureux du son, ODDWAVE est en constante recherche de nouvelles sonorités, de projets, de partage, d'évolution, le tout dans un esprit libre et ouvert.

Born and raised in the French capital, Paris, Arnauld Stengel (Polaris) discovered and
fell in love with electronic music in 1989. A couple of years later he made his passion a
reality and decided to make music for a living. He started to spin records in 1994 and began his
DJ career in France and Ibiza; working his way through the underground party circuit, delivering
fresh and unique sounds to the late night madness lovers. After many years years, he submerged
himself into the world of musical production in order to create his own sounds. He has
played at many of the largest festivals around the world including: Sonica festival in Italy, Ozora festival in Hungary, Universo Paralello in Brazil, Earthcore in Australia, Full Moon in Germany, and many others. He has played as well, in worldwide renowned clubs including: Cube in Tokyo, The Fridge in London, Batofar and Locomotive in Paris. Polaris released his first track on 3D Vision Records in 2001, and since then has never looked back; maintaining his cutting edge unique style which has defined him as an artist ever since. Throughout his lengthy career, Polaris has released three full length albums on Neurobiotic Records, as well as numerous other releases on compilations and EPs with many of the world's most legendary and respected Psychedelic Trance record labels. To start the year 2014 off fresh, Arnauld joined the ranks of Solar Tech Records, one of today's leading labels specializing in Progressive and Psychedelic Trance music. Look forward to new releases from Polaris coming soon on Solar Tech!

Vizual Invaders est un collectif de créateurs intervenant dans de nombreuses disciplines de la création audiovisuelle avec une spécialité, la vidéo projection. La somme de ses compétences nous permettent d’intervenir à tous les niveaux du développement des projets visuels. L’association est également un label visuel qui à pour objectif de soutenir des artistes visuels en les produisant et de développer en permanence des techniques innovantes au service de la création vidéo. Le collectif est à l’origine du premier festival du sud est de la France lié aux techniques du mixage de vidéo en temps réel, la deuxième édition se déroula dans la salle du transbordeur à Lyon.


Originaire du sud de la France , Matt Minimal commence à l'âge de 15 ans à se passionner pour la musique électronique . A 16 ans , il compose ses premiers morceaux et signe sur des labels prestigieux tels que 1605 Music Therapy , Respekt , Perfekt Groove , Sabotage , Neurotraxx , Butane et bien d'autres . Aujourd'hui Matt parcourt le monde entier pour faire voyager le public avec ces nouvelles productions , En passant de Berlin à Séoul ou de Montpellier au Mexique , Matt a toujours la même pèche et une énergie débordante durant ces sets .
Constamment en Studio lors de son temps libre , sa musique est qualifiée comme puissante , Métallique et groovy .

Ces productions sont reconnues par les plus grands tels que Dubfire , Richie Hawtin , Umek , Slam , TomCraft , Spektre , Da Fresh , Mark Night , Alexi Delano , Dandi & Ugo , Loco & Jam , Subfractal et bien d'autres encore . A suivre de très près .


Les médias spécialisés ne s'y trompent pas et voient en Anton X l'une des nouvelles révélations lyonnaises. Madagascar, Montréal, Prague, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Genève… Anton X n’est plus un secret pour les clubbers et festivaliers d’ici ou d’ailleurs. Il parle une langue universelle que chacun peut comprendre, quelle que soit sa culture, celle des sens.

Anton X joue sur toutes les nuances du spectre musical de sa galaxie technophile. Minimale, Détroit, Electro, Techno, Progressive… sont autant de qualificatifs qui collent à ses sets. Dans ses choix, Anton X préfère faire confiance à son instinct plutôt qu'à la tendance. Préparez-vous à un voyage musical éblouissant, vous naviguez sous une très bonne étoile.

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Noisebuilder is a French DJ & Live-acts /composer/producer hailing from the rave party scene.
A former member of the famous free-party underground collective “Heretik System” where he meet and work many years with POPOF.
Noisebuilder has now participated as a solo artist in countless events throughout France, other European countries, Latin America, the Middle-East, Australia.
Noisebuilder is a versatile artist who explores various genres of music. Today,he stresses his preference towards electro-techno.
Noisebuilder is featured on various labels such as Level 75, Goog Records, Ministry Of Sound, Neverending Records, Verboten Records, Skyline Type Grooves...
In 2008 Noisebuilder created his own label ”Junky Robot” to express his artistic ambitions more freely.
Today he continues to play his music all over the world and its label is a recognized reference


issu de la scène rock indé clermontoise & activiste de la scène rave depuis la fin des années 90, NOISE CTRL détonne par son live techno très efficace tento groovy, mental, house ou encore totalement décalé . Il revisite a sa manière 15 ans de musique techno & décloisonne certain stétéotype de musique electronique avec son dernier mix Return 2014 à télécharger gratuitement sur soundcloud


Burningbreaker aka Shush débute la musique en 1995 .Il faisait alors partie de plusieurs groupes rock.Il découvre ensuite le mix vinyls en 1998 par un ami aux influences techno detroit.Sa passion du mix a grandi et évolué au fil des soirées techno underground. En 2002, il commence alors à jouer de l'acid techno puis du breakbeat et de la drum&bass au sein des raves parties et clubs underground. En 2008 il continue par le travail de la composition de manière autodidacte . Aujourd'hui il retourne aux son primitifs, binaires avec des mix techno hypnotiques et entrainants. Bon voyage !

Contact: 1001 Bass Prod, 40 rue Crozet-Boussingault, 42100 Saint-Etienne