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Le 28 Mai 2014 NS OFF au DV1

Lieu :

DV1 6 rue Roger Violi 69001 LYON

NX1 Live
(Semantica, M_Rec LTD, Modularz)

(Amazone, Among) Fr

(Physical) Fr

(CLFT Militia) Fr

De 00H00 à 6h00

Paf : 8,00€ (sur place uniquement)



NX1 is the first project of Nexe Records that was born as an artist and label at the end of 2011.
Composed by Samot and Surit, is the result of many years of experiences in the electronic music scene where techno was the main soundtrack.
Interpreting the deeper and more serious side, merging the classic sound with a clear evolution without losing the essence and strongly marked with their concept.

D'JAMENCY is à Frechn DJ coming from the Rave scene of the 90’s, this DJ / Producer is the co-founder of Amazone Records and label manager of Among Records.
Originally from Lyon, this DJ-Producer is now one of France’s electronic music scene’s new rising stars.D’Jamency’s style varies according to his audience; deep and groovy Tech House, to Minimal and hypnotic Techno. His 4 decks performances with inserted samples and loops via Traktor Scratch Pro have left their mark on the European & Asian dance floors. His stage presence is intense and energetic and he stays deeply in tune with his audience. With his extensive knowledge in a variety of musical programming and events, and keeping abreast of the times, D’Jamency continues to seduce his public with refined and evolving skills. An Artist at heart, he has equally devoted his time to Electronic music production for numerous labels since 2001.(Amazone ,Among, Nervrending & Many more)



Membre actif de Where We Are Kollectif & 2WAK ,  DP Frackt se révèle très rapidement être plus attiré par la production et la création de son propre univers musical Dark minimal. En 2009, il se fait remarquer grâce à un remix pour le duo Minunder sur le label Nutempo Records, sous le pseudonyme de Nuq. Il décide en 2011 de proposer certaines de ses nouvelles productions à des labels Français comme Black Pearl Music, sous-label de Mekanism Records et Physical Records, et des sorties prévues courant 2012. Par la même occasion il travaille sur quelques remix, notamment pour le track Borderline d\'Xtra Dry, qui sortira, lui aussi, courant 2012, sur le label AfterDark Recordings situé à Chicago.

Contact: 1001 Bass Prod, 40 rue Crozet-Boussingault, 42100 Saint-Etienne