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Le 30 avril 2015 Le Fil SMAC

Lieu :

Le Fil SMAC 20 boulevard thiers 42000 Saint-Etienne

Réservez maintenant :

Le FIl , la Limace & 1001 Bass présentent une soirée Psytrance, progressive & house progressive avec 

 RINKADINK / IBOGA / Afrique du Sud


 NOK / BLUE TUNES / Allemagne

 VERTEX / TesseracTstudio / Serbie

 BECKERS / Sprout, Tronic, Suara / Allemagne



Installations & mapping

De 23h00 à 6h00


20 Boulevard Thiers 42000 Saint-Etienne

Paf : 18€/20€ en préventes

        22€ sur place

        Filgood 16€


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Rinkadink is South African music producer Werner van Jaarsveld.A DJ since his mid teens and a veteran of many years of electronic music production.He has been releasing music and performing in clubs and festivals around the world since 2002, playing in more than 35 countries and a hundred cities.
The music he makes encompasses a wide variety of styles within the genre an consequently no one style is able to define him.
A strong believer in the true worth of psychedelic music and culture he uses his performances as an opportunity for the expansion of human consciousness through rhythm and harmony. 
While he was known in the past for his abstract and somewhat slapstick approach, recently he has redefined his music into a new and uncompromising style post full-on psychedelic progressive.In mid 2013 he started the label MVX as a platform for his new music.


Freedom Fighters is Shahaf Efrat (1989). Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, he is making music since 2005 and performing worldwide since 2007. He collaborated with leading artists such as Skazi, Captain Hook, Pixel, Domestic, Sub6 and Illumination/Born Sleepy. With Shahaf’s enhanced ability to spice up the originality of any track or collaboration, it was a small wonder that both Skazi and Captain Hook decided to open their latest albums with their collaborations with him as both team ups became concrete highlights in Israel and the world alike. Freedom Fighters new wave style of progressive psy trance mixed with techno elements and Drum & Bass influences got him respectable SLOTS in leading labels such as HOMmega and Iboga and now he is using all his free “between shows” time to work on his next releases with the final destination being his debut album “Landmark” to be released late 2013. 


NOK is Alexander Dorkian (aka Galactika) from Hamburg Germany.
In uniting massive thrust with dreamy easiness, NOK is introducing a New Order...... in terms of up-to-date Progressive Trance.It's the skilful play with moods and sound colours that creates a one-of-a-kind suspense on Alexander Dorkian's new album. The rolling force of heavy bass lines meets fluffy and light pad sounds. At one moment the atmosphere is dominated by rhythmically swirling synth chords, shortly thereafter they morph into elegant melodies.
Every title on the album is characterized by this organic modulation between full throttle dance floor power and trancy easiness. Additionally there is a great variation from one track to another, thanks to various collaborations with renowned colleagues and some remixes of proved and tested Progressive bangers.


VERTEX is a colaboration project by Nikola Kozic (aka Zyce) and Slobodan Gacesa (aka DJ Merlin). The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2008. With Solobodans knowledge of playing piano and music theory and Nikolas knowledge of producing music. This project represent beautiful connection of progressive house/trance and ambient chill out sounds. So far this project had released for labels such as: Blue Tunes, Nukktal Digital, Spin Twist,Sadhu,Perfecto,Iboga and parent label TesseracTstudio.Debut album is released for TesseracTstudio records in 2010 and this year will be realesed Vertex second album.


Frank BERCKERS is not someone who will need introducing to you if you have at all been in the club scene for the last 10 years; his current side project D-nox & Beckers is one of Germany_s most highly acclaimed duos for progressive house and probably the hotest sound around at the moment, reaching the playlists of world renowned DJ's like John Digweed, Satoshi Tomiie, Pete Tong and many more big room floor fillers. 
Frank is not only a well established producer, but he is also working as a proffesional DJ for 10 years, playing in over 20 countries, and this year alone he played so far in New York, Tokio, Melbourne, Rio de Janero, Mexico City, Helsinki, Lissbon, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Budapest... and the list goes on!


C’est à l’orée du 21ème siècle, à Lyon que Maxime Pourpoint et Louis Claverie commencent à écrire leurs morceaux de trance psychédélique. Depuis, une décennie s’est écoulée, leur offrant maintes occasion de s’exprimer en France et à travers l’Europe . Aujourd’hui, bien que géographiquement localisés d’un bout à l’autre de la galaxie, les deux musiciens parviennent à composer ensemble comme ils l’ont toujours fait. En effet ils ont élaboré une technique s’appuyant largement sur l’usage d’un instrument VST de télépathie (à paraître bientôt). The spacebar ne néglige aucun style de trance psychédélique et veille toujours à ajouter un brin de funk aux recettes afin de les relever

Contact: 1001 Bass Prod, 40 rue Crozet-Boussingault, 42100 Saint-Etienne