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Hyperfrequencies :

GiLL a.k.a HYPER FREQUENCiES started his career in the Eighties as a bass player in several psychedelic rock bands. In 1994, GiLL discovered electronic music, bought two Technics MKII and taught himself how to mix. A year later, GiLL played at his first party and was instantly hooked on psychedelic trance. After djing for a few years on many parties, the next logical step was to return to his roots and start producing music again. GiLL was soon spotted by Mick CHAOS and, in 1998, he released his debut track “First Elevation” on CHAOS Unlimited records. The first track was followed by “Drum Explorer”, a collaboration with JAÏA, released on the compilation “ZEP TEPi”, also from CHAOS Unltd. both tracks were released under his own name GiLL. After such a promising start, suddenly, all went really quiet around GiLL … A mysterious studio bug kept damaging his speakers every time he started to work. For the best part of a year, the problem could not be solved, until late in 2000, a specialist discovered that, the so-called “HYPER FREQUENCiES”, were responsible for all the technical problems Gill had experienced. A year worth of work had been lost, but GiLL s’ artist name “HYPER FREQUENCiES” was born !!


Contact: 1001 Bass Prod, 40 rue Crozet-Boussingault, 42100 Saint-Etienne