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Flegma :

Man behind Flegma project is Dalibor Delic from Belgrade, Serbia. 
Flegma's debut album was released in collaboration with Dragan (aka Nerso) in October 2009 for IONO Music from Germany. 
Second release, "8 Cell" was made in collaboration with Zyce and released for TesseracTstudio records in 2011. Aside from releasing tracks for TesseracTstudio, Dalibor worked for some of the major progressive trance labels, such as Iboga records, IONO Music, Spin Twist, Blue Tunes, and others. Over the years on the scene, he made numerous collaboration tracks and remixes with artists like Freq, Zen Mechanics, Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Jaia....

Dalibor is also involved in a few side-projects, namely Ectima and Orison (with Zyce) and TesseracT (with Zyce and Dj Merlin).After two successful albums, Ectima’s new album is out, ready to strike dancefloors all over the world.

Since 2006, Dalibor and Nikola have established artists organization "TesseracTstudio" which became one of the main label in 2009, gathering one of the finest act of today's progressive trance scene.

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Contact: 1001 Bass Prod, 40 rue Crozet-Boussingault, 42100 Saint-Etienne