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Vertex :

VERTEX is a collaboration project by Nikola Kozic (aka Zyce) and Slobodan Gacesa (aka Merlin). both from Serbia. The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2008. With
Solobodan's knowledge of playing piano and music theory and Nikolas knowledge of producing
music, this project represent beautiful connection of deep progressive, psy-trance and ambient chill
out sounds. Debut album under name "OCEAN", which represented the element of water, was
released for TesseracTstudio records in 2010 ! Already 2 years after second album was released
under the same label, with symbolic name "EARTH" which represented element of earth , had a
great success on psy trance charts , there for already next year album under name of EARTH
remixes was released , remixed album which had some of the biggest names from the Progressive
trance scene doing the remixes !! In the Vertex career , so far there was more then 15 EP's and
Singles releases for some of the biggest records labels in the scene !!! At the moment, Vertex
project is in the process of making the 3rd album, which will have association with the element of
Fire !

Contact: 1001 Bass Prod, 40 rue Crozet-Boussingault, 42100 Saint-Etienne